Trying daily updates again

Posted on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

I haven't written a public post in a long time, and I am re-vowing to write daily even if it's just a little snippet of what I'm doing. Problem is, I'm doing a lot of things. So I'm going to try to find a good way to post on all the things separately in such a way that I can view them separately (ie., using Drupal content types and Views).   Updating this site This has been on my list for a long time. I've been a Drupal fan for awhile and I don't know why I'm still basing my site on WordPress, which I find to be cumbersome to really customize. Especially with Drupal Views!! I decided I am just going to download the latest version of core today, and install it tomorrow. Baby steps... then I can write posts and tag them, then design my theme to easily display them using Views (more easily than I can using WordPress).   Javascript I think I made a breakthrough today in understanding closures (reading, though still not sure the benefit of closures vs. putting everything into a global object when it comes to not polluting the global namespace. I get and like the YUI modular method (private and public variables/methods exposed through return), but isn't that kind of similar to defining methods and properties of a global object? Something to research...   Java/Android My next frontier... I am extremely intimidated by Java because it seems so complicated to just learn to begin with. But I'm hopeful with my Library membership and therefore access to Safari Tech books I can get started easily. Just need to organize myself and be disciplined about doing this stuff after work...   Wedding As soon as bridesmaids and flower girls receive their cards I'll be posting pics of them and how I made them :) Catering negotiations are challenging but progressing. Excited to meet photographers next week. Need to send florist pictures of arrangement inspiration.   Exercise/Diet On a 1 serving of carbs per day plan, 3 servings for Sat/Sun. Doing well so far and running at least 4-5x per week which I am very happy with. Just weighed myself tonight and am at 113lbs! Fluctuates, but oh well.