rounding out winter 2015

Posted on Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Where is the year going? It's already mid-February and it feels like just last weekend I was craving a champagne to ring in the new year. Or to ring in my 30th. Despite the sobriety, I already have a lot to be thankful for and feeling so loved with friends, family, good food, a beautiful city, and a new little one to share this love.

Two and a half more months and he'll be here, if all goes well.

I haven't done very much with the art I was hoping to do -- a piece per month was my new year's resolution. I'll post a scan of what I drew in January.

I also had another idea: to start reviewing the books I read. In the last two months, I've read The Drowned Cities and Shipbreaker by Paolo Bacigalupi, the Fifty Shades Trilogy, The Circle by Dave Eggers, Bringing up Bebe, the third and final book of the Century Trilogy: Edge of Eternity by Ken Follet, and I'm now in the middle of This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz. That's 8.5 books in 2 months! I love to read, and ever since I got my Kindle my reading rate has skyrocketed. But I do feel I'm starting to forget the books I've read and my impressions of them.

So I would like to start writing my thoughts on the books I've read as mementos. Hopefully this goes better than my resolve to draw more.

Last weekend was Q and my 1-year anniversary, where we had a blissful 3-day weekend staycation. The mood was almost exactly like our honeymoon-- carefree, happy, relaxed, and full of appreciation for each other, life, and the city we live in. I made a little wish to myself that our marriage would always be like this, and despite what I hear to the contrary, a large part of me believes that most of the time, not always, but most of the time, it will. If the last 6 years is any indication, anyway. And if not, I will always look at this time as the happiest in my entire life.

Okay, I know Valentine's Day is over so I'll cut out the sap.

This weekend was focused on cleaning and truly working on the nursery which we've been putting off for a long time. We finally decided on a color scheme and bought paint. Tomorrow will be the start of painting, and we just bought crib, mattress, and a sofabed. Photos to come...

I realize I rarely post on Facebook anymore, only sporadically. So here are some photos I just took from my phone that kind of some up the last couple months.

Baby clothes from friends and family:

image1 0

Our newly redone room:

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An amazing weekend in Tahoe with good food and friends, and some alone time:

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image6 1

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A Warrior's fan is born...

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Clothes & purse shopping, per usual:

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