GRPH 35: Introduction to Graphic Design (It's my first day of school... again)

Posted on Friday, August 17th, 2012

Just got back from my first in-person class at CCSF-- GRPH 35, Introduction to Graphic Design. I'm also taking CNIT 133 which is Javascript, but it's an online only course. After working from home today, I found it difficult to hop on my bike and ride all the way to the Mission campus. I was feeling lethargic and tempted to just stay home and crack open a beer... but I did it, after Quang made me wear a helmet for the first time. I know, I know, I should... and I did... and it wasn't that bad. I bought my own helmet and I do plan on wearing it. The 3.5 mile ride to the Mission was surprisingly easy (ever since I discovered the 1st gear). After sitting in the wrong class for about 20 minutes, I finally arrived at my destination: GRPH 35. The reason I'm taking a graphic design course is even though I have been doing design part-time and now full time for a while now, I've never taken a course in it or been formally educated in any kind of arts or computer science. I've gotten along pretty well without the formal education, and I've heard many stories from reknowned graphic designers who were self-taught that skipping the school was the best decision they ever made. While that did make me feel better, I still wanted to see what I was missing, and how I might be able to broaden my knowledge and skillset with some fundamental principals. Taking this javascript course was motivated by the same idea. I have been using javascript to achieve the effects I've designed for my sites, and not just copying and pasting code but also writing some scripts of my own. However, with the growing popularity of HTML5 Apps and its possibilities, I have decided to attempt to "go pro" in this area and really jump into it. The bike ride back was amazingly easy as well (how is it that Valencia is downhill.. both ways?? :) Aside from a douchebag screaming at me on his traverse from Shanghai Kelly's to T&J Thai, it was a rather pleasant route home. Now to relish this surely soon-to-be fleeting feeling of being excited for homework.