Counting down the weekends before the holidays

Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2012

This holiday season almost every weekend consists of a flight, so I'm enjoying the last two weekends we have here in San Francisco. On Saturday, we got to see some hand-made planes flop into the water in Red Bull's "Flugtag" event at AT&T Park. It was neat to be able to just walk in and hang out in the outfield. Afterwards, we went to a cooking class in a nice apartment in SOMA, where we drank lots of wine and ate the best pear tart we'd ever had. Today, we went to a couple bars during the day and then stuffed ourselves at Tony Napoletano in North Beach ... really stuffed ourselves. We had the Margherita, New Yorker, and the Promisciutto E Pomodorini. Good thing there was 5 of us, but I think the water could have warned us it was so much food. It was a very clear crisp day, chilly but comfortable. I love this kind of weather, though it's making me want a nicer thick coat. I took a couple photos of our view from the window, and also one of Maggie laying peacefully. I'm taking a deep breath before all the traveling starts. We only have one more weekend in town... sigh. 20121111-235236.jpg 20121111-235246.jpg 20121111-235257.jpg 20121111-235304.jpg 20121111-235320.jpg