somehow fixed the battery drain issue on my iPhone 4s

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012

Not sure how I did it, but I was pretty pissed when I first got my new iPhone 4s (long awaited upgrade since I've been using my 3G for about 3 years). it would go from a full charge around 6am to zero after 3 hours of usage at around 4, less than 10 hours of standby. after reading a ton of forums, I did a series of resetting network settings, restoring my iPhone, backing up then re-restoring, and finally resetting all from my phone. now, I seem able to go at least a day and a half with heavy usage. I turned off push for email, with about 5 gmail accounts installed which are all fetched every 30 minutes. I haven't turned off many other features, and my brightness is at around 40%. I do remember also running the battery all the way to zero then charging to 100, then also holding down the top and home button until the phone restarted. I don't know if this made a difference, but after I did this I saw a huge improvement. see screenshots of my usage below. [gallery link="file" columns="3" size="medium"]